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Insurance Claims


How Do I know If I have Hail Damage?

In a hailstorm, most hail that hits your roof and house may be too small to cause any damage. However, a percentage of the hail may be large or irregularly shaped, which can cause severe damage that may not be readily apparent and may not start to leak for some time. It's best to have your roof inspected by a state-licensed roofing contractor to determine if you need to file an insurance claim. The insurance adjuster will assess the total amount of damage incurred.

Why Did The Insurance Company Withhold Depreciation?

There are two reasons that the insurance companies gold some money back. The first reason is to make sure that you get the work done. The second reason is that they wish to make sure that you pay your full deductible.

Should I Get Estimates?

When getting an estimate, you are giving the Insurance Company the option to pay less for your claim. Insurance companies don't like it when a Contractor has a difference in the amount that it will take to repair your home from what they have already given. It is not charging too much or cheating the Insurance Company. If the contractor submits a higher dollar amount than what they have already wanted to settle for. It means that we found things that were damaged on your home that they missed in their first inspection. At Roof Company N.A. Inc, we make sure you are being treated fairly and make sure that the Insurance Company hasn't missed any damage on your home. You will only pay your deductible, so your total cost will be what insurance pays you plus your deductible.

What If Your Estimate Is Greater Than The Insurance Company's Investment

Usually this is because of something the insurance adjuster missed in the scope of work to be completed. We can almost always work something out with the insurance company. We will submit what is called a supplement with documentation in the form of pictures, measurements and paperwork. The insurance company will review the supplement and upon approval, send a check for us for the additional monies that were need to make the repairs. 

Why Choose Roof Company N.A. Inc?

Roof Company N.A. Inc is a family owned businesses that's been locally owned and operated for 30+ years. Wether you are a homeowner or the manager of a multi-unit complex, at Roof Company you will be completely satisfied with the knowledge and professionalism our staff has to offer. We are committed to customer satisfaction, sustainable roofing and education that exceeds the industries standards. 

Completed Projects

“Very good attention to detail. They have very fair pricing. They cleaned up each day after working on the project. I cannot say enough about them and highly recommend them for regular or storm damage work.”

-Gary Bourdon

Real Slate Roof, 2020

Our Roofing Process

1. First, we ask that you provide us with a copy of your insurance adjusters summary report so we can review the scope of work and check all measurements to ensure all damage is fairly evaluated and reported accurately. 

2. Second, we match our contract to the work specified in the insurance adjusters' summary report.

3. Third, we fax our signed contract by you to the insurance company and send them a letter of authorization to correspond.

4. Fourth, if there is a mortgage on the home, the mortgage company's name will most likely be on checks that are released throughout the term of the build along with your name and Roof Company N.A. Inc. We will then handle the process for you by sending your signed check to the mortgage company and speeding up the completion time. 

5. Once we have finished all the trades agreed upon by yourself and Roof Company, we will then have a final walk-through to verify the completed work and go over any questions you have at the close of the repair process.

6. You will get a final invoice showing what has been paid up to date and what is due at the completion of our work. Once Roof Company is paid in full then we will give you the warranty information that is needed for the work provided.

Cedar Shake Roof Replacement Minnesota

Roof Replacement

Your roof is one of the largest investments on your home so it's important to go with someone you can trust. Our team of licensed and certified experts at Roof Co will help you find the most reliable roof replacement plan to protect you and your family from the harsh Minnesota weather. 

“Very good attention to detail. They have very fair pricing. They cleaned up each day after working on the project. I cannot say enough about them and highly recommend them for regular or storm damage work.”

-Gary Bourdon

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