If you are in need of a replacement or a repair to your commercial flat roofing, then Roof Company NA is the place to call! Marty & the gang did both our office and shop roofs here at Carbide Tool Services, Inc. and they were amazing to work with! They go above and beyond to make sure their customers are 100% satisfied & the quality of their work is outstanding! -Chelsi Kral


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Is your existing roof experiencing a leak? Have you noticed water pooling on your roof? Have you seen the growth of mold or algae? Are there signs of internal water damage? In any such case, your building's roof might be in need of immediate attention. By addressing the problem at any early stage, you can avoid extensive damage that creates expensive repair work. Our professionals at Roof Company will analyze roof-related problems thoroughly, before providing suitable and reliable solutions.


We provide detailed reports, drawings, and inspections so business owners and managers can make informed decisions that best suit their needs.

In addition, we can assist customers with budgeting for their reroofs.

Commercial roof replacement can be costly but with a budget, in place, a business can prepare overtime to pay for their roofing needs eliminating the surprise of replacement.

If repairing is the option you have chosen, Roof Company INC. understands how much damage roof leaks cause to the building’s insulation, structure, interior, and contents. We specialize in repair services for most types of existing roof systems. Our experienced service technicians will investigate the cause, history of the problem, and make repairs to keep your business protected.


  • We hire skilled and knowledgeable service technicians in the roofing field who receive regular training and are equipped with the appropriate equipment and materials to complete your repairs in a timely fashion.

  • We will work with customers to schedule and coordinate repairs to return the roof to a watertight condition as soon as possible.

  • Our service technicians are trained to photograph before and after pictures as well as document all visible roof problems.

Should you repair or replace? Choosing to repair or replace a roof can be a difficult decision to make but with the help of experts at Roof Company INC., you will be equipped with the knowledge to make an informed choice. Although your roof doesn’t wear out all at once, your roof’s demise will sneak up quickly. We offer free inspection services to help determine if a repair or new roof is needed. When choosing to repair or replace you should consider the following: 

  • How old is your roof? If your roof is single ply and older than 20 years you may want to consider a new roof system rather than repairing your existing system.

  • How many areas in the roof system leak or have leaked in the past?

  • Is your insulation R-value adequate?

  • Does your current roof system meet state and/or city codes?

  • How many layers of roofing do you have currently?

  • What is your financial situation? Do you repair now and budget for a new roof system in the future?


It’s necessary to maintain your roof and keep debris off the roof and out of the roof draining system to comply with your manufacturer’s warranty. Maintaining a flat roof can be difficult at times because water will penetrate the various types of coverings and travel a distance before entering the building. Also, the maintenance of drains, scuppers, gutters, and downspouts is a very important step in maintaining a flat roof because gravel, leaves and debris can collect and prevent water from draining off the roof. In our Minnesota climate, ponding water can freeze breaking up some roofing surfaces and causing premature failure on others over time. Contact us to get on our scheduled maintenance program!


Our Process

  • Provide options that best suit your needs and budget

  • Once an agreement is made the project gets added to our schedule

  • Prior to construction our superintendent and project manager will set up a time to meet onsite to discuss safety concerns, staging areas, and many other details eliminating surprises during the project

  • Our professional and experienced crews will perform all necessary roofing work with safety guidelines in place to keep you, the crew, and the public safe.

  • All roofing projects get a final inspection by our project manager along with the owner’s representative and manufacturer.


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